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We take scrap metals of anywhere between broken machines and car parts to insulation wires and washing machines. Bring your scrap metals to GOLDEN METAL RECYLING COMPANY. Make some extra cash by recycling your scrap metals. The process is fast and simple; bring in your metals, receive a satisfying offer, and walk home with some extra cash.

Golden Metal Recycling Company pays top prices to buy scrap coppers, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, radiator, insulation wire, iron, refrigerators, washing machines, dryer, heater and air conditioners. Car parts and anything including a good amount of metal in it. (Refrigerators and air conditioners must have their compressor removed before you bring it in)

Golden Metal Recycling Company
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Golden Metal Recycling

(enter between Hertz Rent A car and U-Haul)

2650 NE Andresen Road Ste #400,
Vancouver, WA 98661

Tel: 360-314-2169 | Cell: 503-887-0898

Business Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm (Closed on Sunday and Monday)

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